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A patient visits a healthcare facility and wants to meet his specialist. What does that patient expect from the hospital?

Streamlined care delivery without long wait times!

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made every person aware of the risks that come with physical touch-points, the need for a contactless check-in experience has become paramount for both hospitals and patients.

Hospitals that have implemented Contactless Mobile Check-In strategies have been able to create and provide a frictionless experience for every patient. They are able…

Improving workflow efficiency along with patient safety and care is hard at times. Whether you run a small clinic or a big hospital, there’s a massive flow of patients who come in every day to get the best healthcare treatment. Taking care of both workflow and care delivery processes can drain the energy of your administrative staff.

But what if you could track the real-time location of your staff, patients, and medical equipment and get insights on how to improve workflow and care delivery processes with only a few clicks?

Well, now it’s possible thanks to Real-time location system, or…

Core Mobile Inc

Core Mobile Inc. is a Digital Health solutions provider that is changing the way healthcare providers, patients and clinical investigators use data analytics

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